Principle of Microwave sensor

The detecting sensor emits microwave all the time, it’s will automatically be activated and light on when detecting moving things pass by.

About the environment

Indoor: hallways, tea rooms, stairwells
Outdoor: parking space, warehouses
Good environment: increase the reflections of microwave.

Bad environment: decrease the reflections of microwave.

Obstructions of Microwave sensor

Obstructions: any thing between target and sensor

Penetrable: wood, plastic, glasses

Non-penetrable: metals

Detecting Directions of Sensor

Right sensor directions of tube

Right sensor directions of box

Stickers face to target

rong detection’s check points

Detecting scope will range depending on different enviroments

Check points of wrong detections.
To check if there’s any moving obstructions, it will keep the sensor be activated all the time.

1.Any moving obstructions outside the wood/ cement walls or doors?
2.Any PVC tube contains strong water flows consistently?
3.Any moving obstructions close to air conditioner vent?